Egyptian Inscriptions.

(While the tunes of  the iconic rapper Nasir Jones plays through the speakers in the background.)

We are more than happy to introduce to you Carnita Nicole, the new addition to the S&B family tree. Carnita, is the new talented women designer under the Smith&Brandon brand, and we welcome her with open arms. To be honest, I didn’t know that she even had interest in designing or even starting her own brand, until one our mutual friends had introduced me to her.  So I took the step to contact her and hear her out. This moment is where you didn’t want that ” what if ” effect, and im glad that I sent that text to her. All I can say is that Carnita is a breath of fresh air for the fashion world that we know of  today, and we are very proud to have Carnita apart of the family! Look out for the creative force.

Carnita will be introducing her new line of clothing by the name of; PHYNYX By Carnita very soon. If you are having trouble pronouncing the word PHYNYX don’t fret, PHYNYX is pronounced as Pheonix. Doesnt the name sound feminine yet classic?…

Words from Carnita, “PHYNYX is committed to designing and providing extraordinary work to nightlife apparel for the cultured and stylish woman. PHYNYX strives to create admirable, innovative, and fashion forward garments at a conservative price for the young adventurous woman. “

“Our garments are for the women who like taking risk without being too risky. With PHYNYX apparel, class is unwavering and be prepared for our garments to be a topic of discussion wherever you travel.”

She wanted to leave you with this quote,

“I’m fascinated by ancient Egyptian culture. From a royal perspective, everything was so beautiful, dramatic, and extravagant. Others, slaving for the hopes of something better, had such a passion in their eyes and strength in their stance. I whole-heartedly identify with the Egyptian culture for these reasons. I have an eye for dramatic and innovative garments and fashion is my passion. Like the Egyptians, there is an alluring, yet mysterious fire within me. I’m ready to take on the fashion world!”



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