The brand Smith&Brandon was created in the summer of 2009, when Drake Smith had a vision to create something that he could offer to the world, while inspiring the kids in his area of living. “Everyone has a dream, right?” He just wanted to show that it was possible to follow your dreams and live through those dreams. Before the brand came up as an idea for that “Something”, Drake found himself walking into different department stores mesmerized with different articles of clothing always stating, “I would have done it like this.” This statement helped craft the high end street wear brand known today as, Smith&Brandon. Smith&Brandon is a lifestyle brand that offers high end street wear garments and accessories to every demographic and not one particular race. The S&B brand was birthed upon the love of fashion and the ambition to present the world with innovative styles. Our mission or our goal at S&B is to provide consumers with classic yet innovative designs combined with high quality apparel that portray not only fashion, but the lifestyle of Smith&Brandon. Fly Times Boutique was established in 2009 as well by Tony Davis. Fly Times quickly became the leading streetwear boutique in Alabama and pushed the limits by supporting the smaller brands for success. Now relocated to Charlotte, NC, Fly Times is positioning itself to become one of the premier boutiques in the country. Fly Times represents that the underdogs can win. Little step + little step + little step = BIG step. Everyone isn’t born Fly, but some people have it. They have that inner flyness that makes them stand out among their peers. Fly Times can be that outlet to your inner Flyness. The components in our logo simply represent our morals and principles in life. The crossed keys represent the brotherhood amongst individuals, the loyalty we have between us and building our brand into something bigger than ourselves; something classic. The open book represents the knowledge that we seek to obtain growth within ourselves, our brand and our future.

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